When was the last time you were in the presence of a truly beautiful, passionate, and sophisticated woman that could naturally stimulate all of your senses and make you forget about time?
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You are a man who works hard every day. Your life is a constant scene of schedules to keep, commitments to fulfill, paper to track and goals to meet. Physically you are tired, mentally you are drained and emotionally you are in desperate need of a change. You have tried to fill these voids with various other activities and engagements, but yet you still don’t get the release you need and long for… Then you meet me and things start to change. 

Have you ever experienced true quality companionship? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to discover a girlfriend without complications? Have you ever had a special type of friendship with a lady years younger than yourself? When was the last time you spent time with an adventurous woman full of youth, energy, class, and charm? Have you ever had a truly sensual woman who was a master in the art of dating? Do you want some new fun and excitement in your life?

I do... And with me, you can have all of this.

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I want you to know that I understand your frustrations and how it feels when there is something missing.

I used to feel the same as you… When I first entered into “the real world” I did what most do, I went to college, punched a clock, watched the hours go by, and got very little reward for all of my hard work. Knowing the kind of person that I was: smart, attractive, and business-driven; I decided I couldn’t take the 9 to 5 anymore. I joked with a good friend of mine that I was “going to jump on a pole” and in actuality, that is what I did.

I became an exotic dancer and while this was a great business decision for me, it still wasn’t enough. Having met all sorts of great gentlemen and always finding myself engaging in long meaningful conversations more than any dancing, I thought to myself “It would be nice to get to know a few nice gentlemen on a deeper, more private level”. I am a very intimate person so I felt that forming arrangements and being a luxury lifestyle companion fits who I am on a more personal level. 


Today I am very happy with the decisions that I have made. I have more time and money for school and business. I have time to take care of myself, travel, and be with my loved ones. Having the courage to get up and move is not easy, but that is what life is about right? Life should be cherished and lived in the best way possible and spending quality time with a great man like yourself fits that motif. Wouldn’t you agree?


Society has a way of manipulating people’s lives and it’s not your fault. With all of the responsibility you hold and with your busy schedule it’s no wonder making solid connections with women AND KEEPING THEM can be a stressful task. On top of that, most women are cold and selfish towards you. You can only control so much and the things that you can’t control can sometimes be frustrating. I know that you are striving to be the best man that you can be, the best way that you know how and I can help you achieve this.

Naturally, becoming a luxury lifestyle companion has been a blessing to me and has opened the opportunity to date a mature, traditional, well-heeled man like yourself who understands the value of a feminine woman and what she brings to a man's life. 

"I knew from the first video conversation that I'd found something worthwhile. Classy, very sexy, and wise beyond your years is an understatement. You’re a vibrant, luscious package. And it’s been a dream come true to have a hot exotic girl catering to my needs. Sexy, cultured, and attentive. You’re a rose among thorns, Vanessa."

Edward L. - Scottsdale AZ    

_____________________ABOUT ME_____________________
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__________________My Stats__________________

NAME: Vanessa Iman
BASE CITY: Phoenix, AZ
GENDER: Female
AGE: Late 20's
BODY TYPE: Slim Hourglass
ETHNICITY: Ebony/Exotic
HAIR STYLE: Some Curls
CUP SIZE: 34-dd
SHOE SIZE: 9us/39.5eur

Tattoos: None

drinks: Socially

Service: Personal Companionship

I am very adventurous and I love to try new things. 


I keep myself very well-groomed, manicured and physically fit. I would say that my style of dress is sophisticated, classy, and sexy. I do model from time to time and I also have experience in fetishes and light domination. On a more personal level I am well educated; versed in world views dealing with economics, government, art, culture, and many other segments of such. 

I am world traveled and have experienced life outside of our country. I am college educated and hold several professional licenses. I am constantly learning through independent research and study.

I am an intimate romantic. I love setting up the scene to make you feel comforted, relaxed, and cared for. When we are spending time together I will light some candles and play some nice music to really set the mood. I am a healer by nature so massage is a big part of creating a nurturing environment for you. I aim to be very attentive and keep my focus on you at all times.


I also love to travel! I am available to travel to you with sufficient notice. Traveling is a real passion of mine. When we travel together you will have a companion who truly wants to be there with you. For me, it’s not just about monetary gifts.

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______________THE VANESSA EXPERIENCE______________
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I provide an experience that is unparalleled to others. You could hire an escort, but still be left unsatisfied emotionally and know that in the back of your mind that you paid for sex. You could try a sugar baby and hope that she's serious, descreet, and knows what she's doing... But why take that chance? 

Consider me your intimate NSA girlfriend. I intend to connect with you on a level that will provide solutions to issues that only a woman of my experience and knowledge can attend. This will provide you relief from stress and bring balance into your life.
I want you to contact me now; let’s meet and see what kind of spark and connection we can kindle up together. 
My goal is to make a place for you that is peaceful, beautiful, and tranquil. I want our dates to feel like little vacations from life’s daily stresses. I aim to help you find comfort when things are not going so well in your life, and also to celebrate with you when things are going great. 
I wish to connect with you and make our time together meaningful. You are special to me and I am ready to share my company with you. 
I am passionate about this, stirred by all the feelings in my mind and body. These feelings drive me to ignite all of my feminine abilities and intuitions to awaken a similar passion in you. I will do it slowly, building from the smallest touch. From the moment I meet you, I will stimulate your desires. I will search for, and find your fire. Then I will thrill you in a way that will carry us both to ecstasy.
I genuinely enjoy what I do and I love making you happy. 

_____________THE EXPERIENCE CONTINUES_____________

My provision is different from other providers. I plan to actually date you and get to know you.

I will attend to whatever your underlying reason is for contacting me. Spending quality time is important to me so this is why I initially prefer we have a couple of dates so that we can build a quality, meaningful friendship and from there decide to start an ongoing arrangement.

When you partake in a special date with me it is my genuine desire to encourage you to let go and have fun. I want to show you how a woman who possesses great qualities can make your life feel alive and wonderful. Let’s smile and laugh together, shall we?
Your life will suddenly become alive again. This time, you will be a lot happier and actually have something to look forward to. You’ll become more confident and feel like you have it all. Your life will feel fuller and complete and you’ll feel like the luckiest and happiest man on earth. This is all very attainable! You can be this man!
I only see a select few gentlemen each year  and I am very selective about whom I date. 
Because of this, I don’t accept "reviews". I consider our time together ours and descretion is a top priority. I assure you the feedback I've received is excellent:


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I’m not often drawn to ebony women but you're something else.  Your body is insane. Plus you're just generally happy and I appreciate your banter and date suggestions. You know what you like and I like making you smile. And funny enough, I've never been big on spas, shopping, and shows... but your perspective has helped me to develop a greater appreciation for self-relaxation and local art culture. And I always leave satisfied and smiling but for your sake, I’ll spare the intimate details just in case you publish this.

Richard .L, Dallas TX

__________________MY GUARANTEE__________________

I guarantee that our time together will be like no other. It will not be rushed. I will never share your information with anyone and I will be discreet in all aspects of our engagements.

Whether our meeting lasts a night, or several months, or a lifetime, my time with you is special and unique for both of us.

We will go to a place that is only meant for us, a place of oneness and stillness.

We will dine in passion, laugh without inhibition, and touch with tenderness. Is this a dream that I’m promising? No. Naturally, it is as real as we are; it is a fact of our lives; it is the true nature of who we are and what we do. Fly me to your side. Let me ride to wherever you are; send for me, and together we will explore the mysteries of passion and pleasure.
I am ready for our moment, and if it turns into a longer arrangement, then I’m ready for that too. All you have to do is to contact me.

Vanessa Iman