Engagements & Arrangements

You will soon discover that time with me is a luxury experience. 

I love long-term arrangements as I like to form a meaningful real relationship with you, so let's engage each other in one of my exclusive 1 on 1 packages such as a fun dinner date or a fantasy night on the town.

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All of the listed engagements are customizable to fit your individual requests and can be added before or after any massage service.

Short-Term Engagements

Below are some ideas for our rendezvous and some of my favorite things to do.

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Traveling Arrangements

Fly me to you/Travel with you

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What’s more fun than flying in the woman of your dreams to be with you whenever you need to? I can fly anywhere to meet you for an exclusive date. Or, maybe you're always on the go and would prefer for me to come along with you to make your trip a colorful and lively experience. Whether business or pleasure, I love to travel & can accompany you anywhere. First dates must take place in the US and must include 1st class airfare & individual accommodation.


Long-Term Arrangements


Sometimes adventure turns into something more. Here's your chance to take me off the market and make me exclusively yours! I can be yours for whatever length of time you desire…

Exclusive Indulgence
Monthly. Yearly. lifetime.

Should our connection and desire for each other become more intense than casual interest, I am thrilled to explore the opportunity to enter into a connection more reflective of being a partner, courtesan, or maybe more. This suggests a regular and ongoing arrangement.

This would include meeting often for short retreats (see short-term engagements), or something more intense. We may discuss based on our expectations, needs, and boundaries. I devote a great deal of energy to those sincere, caring individuals who enjoy being a regular part of my life. Such liaisons are treated on an individual basis. Please be understanding if I choose not to engage in such an intense retreat, as I accept very few invitations.

The following long-term arrangements are available to upscale, respectful gentlemen.

Available Long-Term Arrangements :

Part-Time Arrangement

If you are the busy gentleman that needs your time away from me to tend to business and/or other obligations, then this is the perfect arrangement for you. We would meet at a romantic location to make daytime or evenings much more exciting together. We would enjoy an intimate lunch or dinner and occasionally travel as your schedule permits. Perhaps exotic vacations and romantic rendezvous, could this be us?

Full-time Arrangement

Imagine having the perfect companion by your side anytime you desire. Imagine the fantasies you could live out. Let's explore this together! Looking for something different, or a longer-term arrangement? Contact me and let's explore the details. Who knows where this could all lead? If the chemistry is on fire, this could evolve into something much, much more...